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Thomas F. Wright, Chairman & Administrator


               SEWAGE COUNCIL

Here to serve you

The Washington County Sewage Council (WCSC) is a non-profit organization that serves over 42 Municipalities in Washington County to ensure that property owners and contractors stay in compliance with PA State DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) regulations regarding the disposal of human waste.  We are not a County, State, or Federal Agency, but a local government Cooperative organization as allowed for by PA Act 537 of 1965.  By combining resources to create a single entity, we can ensure uniform compliance and rule enforcement.  We work to continually maintain a stable knowledge base and consistent service as Local officials change

We work closely with the Pennsylvania DEP, local contractors, engineers, and soil scientists to give our applicants and residents as many options as possible for construction and repair of on-lot sewage disposal systems. 

We hope you will consider us your partner in solving on-lot septic problems. 

Our Operating Committee:

Working together for a cleaner environment.

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And out in the field...

When you're dealing with the our Sewage Officers, you're in the best of hands. Our officers are State Certified, participate in ongoing education, and regularly keep informed of the latest policies relating to Pennsylvania sewage law. 

Tom Wright has many years of experience as an independent businessman, a background in engineering, and over 25 years in the Sewage Council.  Tom is in regular communication with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Local municipalities, and will interpret Pennsylvania sewage law to help you stay in compliance while achieving your project goals. 

In the office...