Welcome to the Washington County Sewage Council located in Washington, Pennsylvania.  

Our office works for and with Townships and Boroughs in Washington County to help residents with on-lot sewage setup and issues.  Let us help you stay in compliance with Pennsylvania State Sewage Law, as well as local regulations!

Municipalities united together to safely dispose of on-lot sewage in Washington County, Pennsylvania

Perc Test

A two-part test to assess absorption rate of your property.  The results, when interpreted by the Sewage Officer, will help determine the size and type of septic system you need to build.

Dye Test

A tracing test performed by our Sewage Officer to ensure that wastewater and "gray" water are correctly routing into the septic tank, and not elsewhere on the property.  Often required when property is bought or sold. 


               SEWAGE COUNCIL

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Please bring a copy of your deed, a map of your property, and, if you are not the owner, a signed statement from the owner allowing you to "perc test" the property.  Once you are here, we will explain the process in detail and assign you a Sewage Officer.


 Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday  8:00 - 4:00

Phone: 724-223-0504



70 East Beau Street

Suite 850

Washington, PA 15301 



Anytime you re-draw you property lines, or take a small piece from the original piece, you are subdividing.  Special planning documents relating to sewage are NECESSARY, required by your Municipality and the DEP.  These Planning Modules are arranged by contacting us.  Do this BEFORE having your survey approved by anyone. 


Most system malfunctions require a repair permit.  Our Sewage Officer will make several visits to your site to advise and guide you in making the appropriate repair.  For your protection, call us before allowing any contractor to begin work. 

Do you have a malfunction in your community?  Call your Municipal office -  They will forward your concern to us.

​Talk to us about:

  •  Perc Tests
  •  Dye Tests
  •  Repairs
  •  Commercial Holding Tanks
  •  Connect-To-Existing System
  •  10 Acre Exemptions
  •  Subdividing your property
  •  Alternate septic systems

Repair & Replacement